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Online and Live Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions provide information relating to the service  “Gregory’s Asta Live” Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas. These terms and conditions are in addition to “Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas ” General Terms and Conditions of Sale and are not intended to replace them in any way.

Potential purchasers are considered responsible for their knowledge for all sale notices and announcements and therefore potential buyers should examine the goods they are interested in before the auction starts.

The currency used in the auctions is the euro.
All purchases must be made in euro (€).

It is only possible to take part in Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas online auctions subject to online registration. Such registration must be approved by Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas. and their decision is final. All users must provide references for at least two auctions they have taken part in.

Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas , will assign a spending limit to each online user. This limit is taken to mean the maximum spending ceiling for all the lots on offer in the current auction.

Online bids
Before the saleroom auction begins, by the time indicated in the timetable for the auction and subject to prior registration, it is possible to make bids online according to the same conditions that apply to bids received by post, fax or telephone.

If multiple bids are received for the same amount, the one that arrived first will be considered the winner.

While the catalogue is being published no bids received by Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas will be shown publically, in any way, on the online system.

Before the auction starts in the saleroom, users are only able to see their own bids.

Live bids
The service entitled “Gregory’s Asta Live” is provided to bidders as an additional tool and it does not replace attendance in the saleroom.

Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas reserves the right to refuse to accept bids or to withdraw permission to bid online and to remove the privileges of online bidding while the auction is in progress.

Users may therefore make bids using “Gregory’s Asta Live” and in the event that these are successful, they undertake to pay the purchase price which includes the buyer’s premium and any applicable taxes and other expenses.

The procedure for making bids using Gregory’s Asta Live is immediate, thus providing online buyers with the same conditions for making fresh bids against the bids made in in the sale room or on the phone.

In order to purchase a lot, buyers must click on the “BID NOW” button, which is final and cannot be changed.

While the auction is in progress, the system shows all the types of bids, those coming in via the internet (online bids) and those made in the saleroom(saleroom bids).

If two bids are made are for the same amount, one online and one in the saleroom, the saleroom bid will take precedence and the online bid will be cancelled.

An increment in the bid is indicated by the “BID NOW” button. The saleroom bid may differ from that shown on the  bid button because auctioneers can vary the increments, at any time, at their discretion.

Online bidders may not make different bids from those following the increments shown by the system.
If there is disagreement between the online records or messages sent by the Gregory’s Asta Live system and bids recorded in the sale record kept by the auctioneer, the sale record kept by the auctioneer will be taken as the absolute and definitive point of reference

Payment and collection
If your bid has been successful you will be notified of this by the system, You will be able to see all the lots for which you have bid in the section “Your bids”, with successful bids highlighted. This document may not be considered an invoice.

Invoices are sent by post after the auction has been closed.

Buyers are asked to contact us by telephone or in person as soon as possible after the sale to obtain collection/delivery details and thus avoid unnecessary storage expenses.

In addition to the hammer price, buyers undertake to pay “Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas” any further expenses.

The terms and conditions for payment and for the collection of goods remain the same, regardless of the way in which the successful bid was made, for example online or in the saleroom.

The payment and collection terms are described in detail in the “General Terms and Conditions” page published on the website www.gregorysaste.it.

Technical issues
Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas” offers the Asta Live service to its customers as an additional service.
Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas” cannot be held responsible for any errors or difficulties encountered while making online bids, including, without limitation, errors or break-downs caused by loss of the internet connection, software or hardware problems.

Gregory’s Asta Live is a free service. Gregory's - Casa d'Aste sas declines all responsibility for failure to implement an online bid or for any errors generated by the system.

The application that makes online bidding possible is optimised for broadband connections (ADSL).